Sunroof explodes into MP Shane Reti's car

A National MP has been a first-hand witness to a freak road accident.

As Whangarei MP Shane Reti was driving to an award show in Paihia on Thursday, his vehicle was passed on the right by a white car.

But coming in the opposite direction was a large stock-truck. As it shot past, the force of its passage was strong enough to suck the white car's sunroof off into the air.

The large piece of glass then shot towards Dr Reti's vehicle, nearly causing a nasty head-one smash.

Fortunately the sunroof shattered in mid-air before it could collide with his windscreen at high speed. Pieces of glass showered Dr Reti's vehicle in a hail of fragments.

The incident was captured on Dr Reti's dashcam, and he posted video of the incident to Facebook with an explanation of what had occurred.

"I was driving to the Paihia Ballance Farming Awards when the sunroof in the car in front simply lifted off and exploded in glass and fragments all over my car," he wrote.

"It looks like the slip stream from the passing truck tore it off. No significant damage to my car, a big hole in the roof to his car, but all safe."

"Oh gosh, I've never heard of this, glad you all aware ok," one person replied.

"Wow, I hope they had insurance," another commented.


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