Wellington smokefree plan should not include vaping - advocate

A man holds a vape pen to his mouth, blowing out clouds of steam.
Photo credit: Getty

A Māori health group is all steamed-up about vaping being included in a smokefree proposal in Wellington.

Councillors are voting on Thursday over banning smoking at beaches between Oriental Bay and Owhiro Bay, and on the pedestrian precinct of Grey St.

But Mihi Blair from Hāpai Te Hauora thinks the ban shouldn't include vaping.

"We're quite concerned that they've included this in the smokefree areas, and we're just hoping that the council will follow Auckland Council and actually allow vaping in their public areas."

She said vaping can help people quit, and then they will eventually quit the vaping too.

"We want to ensure that there are less barriers for people to turn to vaping to quit smoking and the utilise the vaping to get better and then get off the vape after that."

Ms Blair urged officials to have a rethink and consider what people are saying about the plan.

"Actually using sound evidence and the people's voices especially can actually make some really good judgement calls."

 Wellington's playgrounds, skate parks, sports fields are already smokefree, including e-cigarettes.


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