Auckland climate change protesters clash with motorists over road blocks

Climate change activists have clashed with motorists in a series of tense stand-offs in Auckland.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters led non-violent civil disobedience actions against "climate collapse" in major cities on Saturday.

Auckland's protest took place in the beachfront suburb of Mission Bay, with protesters blocking a major intersection - much to the fury of the public.

Video shot by Newshub shows angry motorists shouting at protestors and beeping their horns.

"Our baby's sick and [we] can't get to hospital because you're blocking it off!" one man tells the activists preventing him from moving.

"I think they're blocking the way and we're wasting fossil fuels sitting here waiting to go," another driver told Newshub.

Others express their anger in more blunt language.

"Get off the road, arseholes!" one person shouts.

In one case, the confrontation nearly became physical, as a pair on a motorbike came close to contact with the activists blocking them.

Extinction Rebellion protests in London led to hundreds of arrests after protesters swarmed the streets this week.

"Scientists agree we are witnessing the sixth mass extinction," New Zealand spokesperson Rowan Brooks said.

"Without drastic action, we are heading towards an unrecognisable planet and widespread misery."