Christchurch still in a state of high security, one month after attacks

A month on from Christchurch's mosque terror attacks the city remains in a state of high security. 

Police continue to be armed throughout the country and plans are in place for extra security at events in the coming weeks.

A month on from the March 15 mosque shootings, police say the threat of further attacks is still considered "high and likely". 

"Any chance of copycat or retaliation events normally occur over that period and we're encouraging everyone else to be really careful, to be patient, but we're here to make sure people are safe and feel safe," said Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

So for now, police remain armed.

"We reassess every single day so today yes we are carrying firearms, but we're doing that in order to keep our community safe," said Canterbury district commander John Price.

With some Anzac day events already cancelled, other organisations are also taking action. 

This morning the University of Canterbury announced it won't hold its graduation march later this month through the city because of heightened security fears.

This is the second time the institution has done this, the last time because of the earthquakes. 

Police say they've taken advice from international organisations including the FBI and Australian police.

Plans for extra security are being developed for Easter, Ramadan and the royal visit.

"It's absolutely the right thing to do for us to be present in the community, for us to be armed at this point to keep people safe but also give advice to people about what kind of events to hold and how to hold them," said Bush.

Police numbers in Canterbury have been bolstered with the support of 350 officers from out of town.

They're here not only here to take on the work load, but to give those first responders a chance to heal. 

"Some of our people, and I've said this before, have seen and dealt with things which no person whether they're a police officer , St Johns, medical staff need to be exposed to," said Price.

Christchurch - a city again, adapting to its new normal.