Trevor Mallard films wild run-in with giant Rwandan gorilla

Trevor Mallard might rule the Parliamentary jungle, but deep in the Rwandan rainforest he learned what true power is.

The Speaker of the House is currently in Africa as part of a delegation to improve bilateral trade relations.

During a rest day in Rwanda, he climbed into the rainforest and was lucky enough to meet a wild family of gorillas.

But unfortunately for Mallard, one massive ape decided to get a little too close and put Mallard in his place.

Video of the incident was captured on camera and posted to social media, showing just how strong the giant gorilla is.

"What happens when a mountain silverback gorilla doesn't understand he has to stay 7m away and puts me on my arse," Mallard tweeted.

He also posted photos to Facebook showing the gorilla family enjoying a snack on some foliage, along with some stunning snaps of a baby gorilla.

New Zealanders have taken to opportunity to poke fun at the Speaker, who's had a history of getting physical himself.

"Did Tau [Henare] email him in advance," one person quipped.

"How many questions did he lose for that behaviour?" MP Maurice Williamson asked.

And former prime minister Helen Clark had some good advice for Mallard.

"When I visited a gorilla family group in Rwanda a few years ago, we were briefed to be very submissive if the silverback advanced. He's just showing who's boss," she wrote.


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