Students throughout New Zealand hit the streets marching for climate change

Thousands of school students have hit the streets across New Zealand to raise awareness for climate change.

Hundreds marched down Auckland's Queen St before conducting a 'lie-in' which effectively blocked the road off from traffic.

Large numbers of students have also congregated at Aotea Square and Te Ngakau Civic Square in Wellington holding signs and banners with slogans such as, "I'd be in school if the earth were cool".

The 'lie-in' on Queen St.
The 'lie-in' on Queen St. Photo credit: Newshub

Other signs were more humorous in aide of their cause.

"The planet is getting as hot as Keanu Reeves" and "I'm scared the world is gonna be hotter than me," read two signs at the Auckland gathering.

Events are also planned in towns and cities throughout the country.

Today's action is the second School Strike 4 Climate of 2019 after students left school to protest on March 15.

Western Springs College student Luke Wijohn told Newshub that, given the current state of the environment, the Government should declare a climate emergency.

"Humanity is facing the sixth extinction event, and adults are asleep at the wheel. We love our planet far more than we hate detention, so we're striking for a better future for everyone."

Along with a declaration of emergency, School Strike 4 Climate organisers say they have specific demands for the Government about the Zero Climate Bill.

They want it to include a target of a 47 percent reduction of methane by 2050, a mechanism to make targets legally enforceable and a requirement for the Government to create a plan for implementation.

They're also calling for action to get to carbon zero by 2040 and end all new exploration and extraction of fossil fuels.