National cancer agency petition organiser pleads with Government to take action

The organiser of a petition in support of a national cancer agency is pleading with the Government to take action and listen to those who have signed the petition.

Winton father-of-two Blair Vining was diagnosed with stage four terminal bowel cancer in October.

After his own experience with cancer treatment, the 38-year-old wants to improve cancer care for other New Zealanders. So far, the petition has gathered more than 90,000 signatures.

On The AM Show on Wednesday, he pleaded for action.

"You can listen as much as you like, but until you act on it that's when it really starts to count.

"Listen to the people who have signed the petition. They've signed it for one reason - because they really believe in it, and it's really important to them and their families."

He said he wants to make life easier for his two girls and future generations.

"It's a postcode lottery," he said. "If you live in Auckland you get really good treatment, you get seen really quick.

Blair with daughters Della-May and Lilly.
Blair with daughters Della-May and Lilly. Photo credit: Blair Vining's Epic Journey

"If you live down in Southland, which has some of the worst rates of bowel cancer in the world, it makes life a lot more difficult because if you have to go private, you have to travel to Dunedin."

His petition to establish the national agency is open until Friday.