Woman carries cat up Mount Maunganui in clear backpack

Letting the cat out of the bag?
Letting the cat out of the bag? Photo credit: Facebook/Alanna Campbell.

Clear plastic totes may be fashionable on Instagram, but one Mount Maunganui woman took the trend to the next level.

Mount Maunganui resident Catherine Campbell posted a snap of a woman carrying her cat in a clear backpack while walking up the Mount. The picture, posted on Monday to the Facebook group Mount Maunganui Notice Board 20+, has generated attention from locals. 

Campbell's daughter Alanna, 20, spotted the woman walking up the Mount with her unusual accessory at around 12pm on Monday.

"I've never seen that before," Alanna told Newshub. "I guess for different cultures it may be more of a normal thing - but it's not something you see everyday here."

The woman and her cat attracted the attention of fellow walkers enjoying their public holiday.

"The cat looked pretty happy, it wasn't in distress or anything," Alanna said. "The bag had holes in the bottom so the cat could get air."

The ventilated cat-carrier has garnered mixed reviews. One Facebook user commented: "Why would a cat want to go up the Mt in a bag?"

Another commented: "Poor cat".

Others found the cat-carrying culprit hilarious.

"I wouldn't personally carry a cat in a bag," Alanna said. "But as long as the cat's not in distress, I guess there's nothing too wrong with it."

One thing is for sure - this woman wasn't going to let the cat out of the bag.