Why the rest of New Zealand hates Aucklanders

The couple running what has been called the "rudest cafe in New Zealand" say their biggest mistake was telling people in Canterbury they were from Auckland.

Karyn and Donald Cullingford moved down south for a better lifestyle. However after receiving a hostile welcome, they now describe Cantabrians as a "nasty" and parochial people.

"I get people who come in here and say 'don't give me any of that f**king Auckland coffee'," Karyn told Stuff.

"Do you not understand how people [in Canterbury] hate Aucklanders? Man, it just blows me away."

Newshub spoke to several proud Cantabrians about their views of Aucklanders.

"Haha, f**k them," one Canterbury man said, succinctly. 

Others Newshub spoke to in Canterbury believe Aucklanders are disliked due to traditional sporting competition. Auckland and Canterbury have historically had New Zealand provincial rugby's biggest rivalry.

But Canterbury isn't the only place Aucklanders are finding a frosty reception. The influx of Aucklanders into smaller towns and cities like Tauranga and Whakatane has overwhelmed the local culture, pushed up rents and pushed locals out.

Several complaints on social media about Aucklanders in Tauranga include:

  • "Their stupid fricken European SUV's, and their stupid fricken soccer mum drivers"
  • "Their ability to enter a workplace and look down on everyone with their absolute conviction they have some special talent or knowledge"
  • "The eccentric, arrogant and rude f**ktards straight out of Parnell, Remuera etc that have taken over the Mount." 

But it can go both ways. A Newshub journalist who moved from Christchurch to Auckland three years ago says she was shocked by the amount of rudeness she encountered.

"Now I consider this city home, and wouldn't want to cast aspersions on the 09. And the thing is, there are nice people everywhere. Some of the kindest, most generous, funny people I've ever met have been from Auckland," she says.

"But as a whole, there's an undercurrent of rudeness here you don't get anywhere else. Driving in Auckland is unlike anywhere else. It's a savage dog-eat-dog world of laying on horns and cutting people off.

"And I remember being shocked the first time I went for a walk along the waterfront, and my 'morning!' to other exercisers was met with blatant shock. One woman actually fell backwards off the path; I think she thought I was yelling at her."