Beloved Hamilton statue 'ripped from its foundations'

Bark was taken from outside the Pet Doctors on Monday night.
Bark was taken from outside the Pet Doctors on Monday night. Photo credit: Waikato Police / Facebook

An iconic piece of Hamilton history has been "ripped from its foundations" outside the Hillcrest Pet Doctors on Cambridge Road.

'Bark', a beloved wooden dog statue which has guarded the front of Pet Doctors for many years, was taken on Monday night. 

The dog stands at 1.5 metres tall, is 80cm long and very heavy. Local police believe, because of Bark's size, it is unlikely the dognapper acted alone. 

The Waikato Police shared a post on their Facebook page, detailing the theft. 

"It's a distinctive piece of Hamilton heritage, and we would like to see it returned back to its home, where it belongs on Cambridge Road," police wrote. 

"We are sure that Pet Doctors would love to see the statue returned where it belongs, no questions asked." 

The post has caused sadness among the local community, with many residents expressing their love for Bark. 

"I love that dog, bring it back," one person wrote. 

"What is wrong with people… why can't they just enjoy looking at them instead of stealing them," another person wrote. 

Waikato Police are appealing to the public for any information they may have about the whereabouts of Bark. 


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