Christchurch shooting: Alleged gunman's manifesto being sold on the internet in hardcover - report

A hardcover version of the alleged Christchurch gunman's manifesto is reportedly being sold on the internet.

The document was published online and sent to various people - including the Prime Minister - just minutes before the alleged gunman attacked two mosques in Christchurch, killing 51 people.

It was banned by the Chief Censor earlier this year.

But an online message board, cited by NZME, is now selling what the Chief Censor earlier called the "crude booklet".

It's reportedly being sold for NZ$6.23.

According to NZME, the administrator of the "Ukrainian right-wing" channel it's being sold on, which features a number of discriminatory messages, wrote: "The idea is to give paper versions to everyone in a row, on birthdays, wedding anniversaries and baptisms of children".

It was recently revealed the accused gunman has been allowed to communicate with supporters around the world via mail, from his cell in Paremoremo's Auckland Prison. 

One of the letters, sent to a supporter in Russia, found its way onto the internet.

As of last week, he'd received 48 pieces of mail. Fourteen of them had been blocked and 18 delivered, with the rest still being examined.