Comanchero gang sentencing: Mesui Tufui and Fisilau Tapaevalu sentenced to life in prison for murder

The two men found guilty of murdering Auckland man Epalahame Tu'uheavea have been sentenced to life in prison. 

Mesui Tufui and Fisilau Tapaevalu were found guilty of the killing of Tu'uheavea and the attempted murder of his wife, Yolanda in late June.

Tufui can seek parole after 19 years, Tapaevalu after 17 years.

Epalahame Tu'uheavea and his wife were shot multiple times in the head on a Mangere street in 2018.

Yolanda survived after playing dead. She told the court earlier in June the pair lived in Australia for around three years, until 2017.

She says during that time, her husband developed a close association to the leader of the Nomads gang.

When they returned to New Zealand for financial reasons, she told the court Epalahame started to take notice of the Comancheros.

"He admired them," she said.