Weather: Rain records in Auckland on knife-edge of being broken

Two new weather records could soon be set in Auckland as the rain continues to pour.

Counting Thursday, Metservice's Auckland Airport weather station has recorded 27 "rainy days". A rainy day, according to the weather forecaster, is a day with 0.1mm of rain or more.

That's equal to the current August record at Auckland Airport set in 2010.

It's also only one day less than the highest number of rainy days for any month which was set last month with 28. However, Metservice does note the caveat that some months have more days than others.

With two days left this month, both records could be broken.

Metservice's forecast shows rain is possible on both Friday and Saturday, however, those are expected to only be isolated showers.

The Whenupai station also recorded rain nearly every day, with only August 19 and August 28 being dry.

One record which won't be smashed is the highest number of "wet days" (meaning 1mm of rain or more) in a single month. August 1992 had 25 wet days - the most for any month. This month is at 21 wet days.

For the most part, this weekend is looking fine as a ridge of high pressure moves up the country. 

Weatherwatch says Kiwis should expect cooler nights with light winds, but mild afternoons. 

Saturday night temperatures will be single digits for most, with Taupo down to 1C and Hamilton at 2C. The temperature will bounce back to about 17C in some parts of Waikato by Sunday afternoon.