Witness pulls man from burning vehicle after Auckland crash

A man has described pulling a driver out of his crashed vehicle in Auckland, just as it burst into flames.

Fire crews were called to the scene at the intersection of Great South Rd and Tui Rd around 3am on Tuesday. Video shows the car embedded in a pole as emergency services staff hose it down.

Witness Del told Newshub he acted immediately.

"I parked my car about 20 metres away from it, put my hazards on, jumped out rang 111 and then pretty much opened the door of the car and then got the guy out."

But things got pretty dangerous when the car ignited.

"As I opened the door and trying to get him up to get him out the car essentially caught fire," Del said.

Thankfully the flames were on the other side of the car, but Del still had a hard time getting the driver out.

"The flames were on the left-hand side, the passenger side, and they were getting quite big," Del said.

"I said to the guy 'look the car's on fire you need to get out otherwise this things gonna blow up'"

Del said he was disappointed other cars did not drive past and stop. An ambulance was sent to the scene to provide medical assistance for the driver.