'I'm gonna take my horse to... Oriental Bay': Man in cowboy hat spotted riding horse through Wellington

A man clad in a cowboy hat has been spotted taking his horse for a ride through Wellington's "old town roads".

A local filmed the urban cowboy riding his horse through Oriental Bay, posting the footage to the public Facebook group 'Vic Deals'. 

"Gonna take my horse to Oriental Bay," George Gerges captioned the video, referencing the 2019 smash hit 'Old Town Road' by Lil Nas X.

The 'cowboy' has proved popular on Facebook, the clip amassing more than 740 likes and 160 comments since it was uploaded on Sunday morning. 

The daring duo appear to have covered a lot of ground during their travels, with a number of comments claiming to have seen them elsewhere.

"He went down Lambton Quay too," one Welly local said.

"It was on Boulcott St earlier on," said another.

"I've been here for almost seven years and not once I've seen a horse in Wellington, especially around the city," Gerges told Newshub.

"People reacted funny to it, it was pretty cool to see."

The strange sight has locals speculating as to why the man was riding his horse around Wellington's streets.

"It's the oil prices spiking," one person guessed.

"Car broke down, had to take my horse," another joked.

Others couldn't help but continue the 'Old Town Road' joke, but made one very important distinction.

"Somehow I don't think his cowboy hat is Gucci."


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