Warning for Airbnb hosts after 500kg of meth found in shipping container

Customs has pulled off its largest-ever drugs seizure at the border.

It discovered a whopping 500 kilograms of meth concealed inside a shipment of electric motors.

And it's come with a surprising warning for Airbnb hosts.

Police and customs say groups of people importing drugs to New Zealand often stay at Airbnb accommodation.

They're also using storage units to hide the drugs, and Customs is warning Airbnb owners what to look out for.

Customs investigations manager Bruce Berry said owners should be wary if foreign nationals are hiring accommodation or rental premises for an extended period of time, or sending or receiving goods which aren't consistent with the nature of their visit.

So far three people have been arrested by police - two of them were Canadian nationals.

Customs says while it stopped this shipment - international drug trends indicate many more are likely to be on their way.


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