Documents show extent of offending, after teacher admits having sex with students

A former teacher in Marlborough has been remanded on bail after admitting to having sex with two underage students.

The woman, who has been granted interim name suppression, will be sentenced in December.

She appeared in Blenheim District Court on Tuesday where she admitted seven charges of sexual relations with minors and two charges of sending sexual material to minors.

According to the police's summary of facts, the woman began texting one of the victims, asking if he needed a ride to school.

The texting then became more frequent and the two would spend their lunchtimes together. 

Eventually, she became "flirty" and more physical, according to the summary of facts.

One lunchtime, the teacher invited the student into the backseat of her car and performed oral sex on him. She then told him not to tell anyone about what had happened.

In another instance, the two had sexual intercourse in the back of her car. 

According to the summary of facts, the two continued to meet and have sexual intercourse, with the relationship lasting for around a year.

During that time, she also sent the student naked photos of herself as well as Facetiming him while she was naked.

At one point during the relationship, the student added another underage student to a group chat, and the three ended up speaking in a sexual way.

The three then arranged to meet and ended up having sex in the back of the woman's car.

After that, the woman met the second victim several times, where they continued to engage in sexual acts.

When the student tried to end the relationship, the woman continued to message him, telling him that she loved him.

If the woman is sentenced to jail time, she will be added to the Child Sex Offender Register.

She will be sentenced in December.