Mt Erebus Crash memorial continues to cause division

It's supposed to be a memorial for the country to remember 257 passengers and crew who died in the Mt Erebus Crash - New Zealand's worst aviation disaster.

But it continues to cause division - with people criticising the placement, the style and even the process that decided where the national monument would go.

Parnell resident Anne Coney feels so strongly the current Erebus monument design isn't suitable for Dove Myer Robinson Park in the rose garden, she's started a petition.

"We live in such a built-up area and losing green spaces is such a sadness," Coney told Newshub.

And while Coney and other locals agree a monument is needed, they think the current design is far too big.

"The size and scale of it is not in fitting with the park," said Rob Thomas of the Waitemata Local Board.

Thomas said a monument for Erebus victims has no connection with the man the park was named after - Sir Dove Myer Robinson; Auckland's longest-serving mayor, it's believed to be one of Auckland's oldest pohutukawas, and locals are worried it will be affected by the memorial.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage disputes this and says there will be no risk to the tree.

It says most of the feedback has been positive, and its location makes a strong connection to the sea and the horizon.