New Zealanders warned to prepare as cyclone season bears down on the country

Heavy Rain
Photo credit: Getty

Tropical cyclone season is bearing down on New Zealand, and MetService is warning Kiwis to make sure they are prepared.

Between nine and 12 cyclones will move across the Southwest Pacific between November and April. MetService expects about four of these storms will be severe.

New Zealand is typically affected by one ex-tropical cyclone per year.

"The average number of named tropical cyclones in the Southwest Pacific (including the Coral Sea) is about ten per season," said Chris Noble, manager of New Zealand's Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre (TCWC)

"This season, cyclone activity is expected to be near average."

But that doesn't mean Kiwis should be lax.

"All communities throughout the South Pacific, including New Zealand, are encouraged to prepare for the coming cyclone season and remain vigilant for developing cyclones or other severe weather," said Noble.

"It does not take a direct hit or a severe cyclone to cause significant damage or life-threatening weather."

NIWA says this weather could include "significant rainfall, extreme winds, hazardous marine conditions and coastal damage".

MetService will begin its daily Tropical Cyclone Potential Bulletin from November 1.

The bulletin will be published on the MetService website.