Grace Millane's family to miss out on compensation

Grace's family are not entitled to compensation for their daughter's death.
Grace's family are not entitled to compensation for their daughter's death. Photo credit: Newshub.

The family of Grace Millane won't receive any compensation from the UK Government following the death of their daughter. 

Normally, UK families who have loved ones murdered in the UK or EU countries can apply for compensation.

But because their daughter died outside those countries they are not entitled to a payout, reports ITV.

Millane's body was found in a shallow grave in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges in December last year.

On Friday, a jury found Millane's killer - who has name suppression - guilty of murder. 

The case made headlines around the world and in Britain has sparked debate about who is entitled to compensation following such tragedies.

According to the Sunday Express, Labour MP Jim Cunningham pressed the UK Government "to ensure families whose loved ones are murdered abroad have access to criminal injuries compensation".

Following that, Justice Minister Wendy Morton said a review of the system was taking place.

"A review of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is under way, looking at its scope, and eligibility rules and requirements," Morton told the Sunday Express, reports ITV.

"The recommendations of the Victims' Commissioner in her report on the entitlements and experiences of bereaved families following homicide abroad will be considered carefully as part of this review."

Sentencing for the man found guilty of murdering Millane will be in February.