Meet the activists trying to stop native trees being planted on Mt Albert

A handful of protestors continue to occupy Ōwairaka Mt Albert, opposing the felling of mature exotic trees to make way for the planting of natives.

The felling is part of a regeneration project by the Tūpuna Maungatapere Authority, a collective of Auckland responsible for the regions volcanic cones.

Their aim is is to increase the habitat for native birds which will eventually support the return of iconic species such as kiwi.

They've been given resource consent to plant 75,000 native trees and fell 345 exotic trees on Mt Albert - a plan that's infuriated locals like Lisa Prager.

"Just because you do not like exotic trees does not give you the right to steal from the native bird, insects, lizards and bats their food source, their shelter, their nests."

But Paul Majurey chair of the Tūpuna Maunga Authority rejects this. He says the plan has the full backing of Forest and Bird, and guarantees no trees with nesting natives will be felled.

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