US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown to exit role after first term

United States Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown will exit the role at the end of his first term in late 2020.

Brown, chosen for the role by US President Donald Trump, has been in the job since 2017, after winning support in the US senate 94 votes to four.

On Saturday (NZ Time), it was announced that Brown would become the president and dean of the New England Law school in Boston in December 2020.

"It's an exciting opportunity, something new and interesting," he told the Boston Globe.

"I was a law student. I was a solo practitioner. I've been in JAG [judge advocate general]. I've written laws as state rep, state Senator, US Senator."

New England Law board chairman Martin Foster told the Boston Business Journal that Brown would bring rare experience to the school.

"He has been successful in both the private and public sectors, fully embraces the mission of New England Law Boston and holds the management and development skills necessary to successfully lead an independent law school."

Brown had been an early supporter of the then-Republican presidential candidate - the first current or former US Senator to endorse Trump. He was responsible for introducing Trump to Anthony Scaramucci who would go onto be Trump's brief communications director.

Previously a US Senator for the state of Massachusetts, Brown lost that job in 2012 to now-Democrat presidential nominee frontrunner Elizabeth Warren. 

Warren supported him getting the ambassador role, but three of the people who opposed it are also now Democratic Presidential nominee candidates - Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

Brown is a regular on The AM Show, which he read the sports news for in October. Remarks he made on the show about Chinese censorship were scolded by the Chinese embassy in Wellington.

He also worked as the ambassador to Samoa over the last two years and is known for his love of music and sport.


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