Auckland nudists encourage families to join them at pre-Christmas beach event

Aucklanders are being encouraged to get their kit off at a pre-Christmas nudist beach outing.

The event, cheekily titled 'Barely Three Days Before Christmas', will be held on Sunday December 22nd at Pohutukawa Bay in Auckland.

"The time has come, we feel, to re-invigorate some Auckland beaches with samples of natural joy!" the event organisers say.

"Join us for the day of naturist beach fun at Pohutukawa Bay. Bring your frisbee, volleyball, beach toys and picnic… take the whole family!"

If you're further down south, the water might be cooler - but there's still an opportunity to go clothes-free.

"If you are down south we will again be celebrating the summer solstice with a nude swim at St Kilda beach Dunedin. 6pm December 22," one person commented on the event.

So far 26 people are interested in the Auckland event.

While there are no official nude beaches in New Zealand, Pohutakawa Bay appears to be generally accepted as a place where you can be naked.

A Google search for the beach revealed multiple websites describing it as one of Auckland's most popular nudist spots.

Public nudity is legal in New Zealand - kind of - as it comes down to the intent behind being naked. Generally speaking, enjoying a day at the beach does not have offensive intent.