Ryan Bridge: Hypocrite climate protesters should be put in handcuffs

OPINION: At the weekend climate protesters poured oil over the steps at Simon Bridges' electorate office, defacing his private property. 

Last week, it was Timaru where they boarded a support vessel, blocking it from leaving to work at a rig off the coast of Taranaki. 

It's all in the name of saving the Earth - but what is it really? 

It's a flagrant disregard for private business, for commercial enterprise and basic property rights. 

And what happens? 

The police sit by, smile and wave. 

They should be rounding them up and putting them in handcuffs. 

What's more, these people are hypocrites. 

The protesters are wearing makeup, they had cellphones, they had hot showers in the morning. 

I think they used toothbrushes - although, those reports are unconfirmed at this stage. 

There were cosmetics, there were computers. They all need oil. 

They're using and relying on the very products they're railing against. 

You know what it is? They just hate corporates, they hate business. That's all they're really campaigning against - basic successful commerce. 

If they really cared, they'd stop using their toothbrushes. God forbid. 

But I have an idea which might just solve all our problems - why don't we go and put them on an island where there is no business, no oil, no enterprise - and see how fun their lives really are.

In fact, it really could solve all our problems. Perhaps this is the reality show that will save TV3. I'm a Climate Evangelist - Get Me Out of Here.

It'll be a ratings bonanza.

Ryan Bridge is a co-host of The AM Show.