Astonishing video shows car driving backwards around Wellington's Kilbirnie Rd roundabout

A Wellington man has shared a shocking video of a car reversing around a roundabout. 

In a video posted to community Facebook page Vic Deals a black car is seen slowly backing around Kilbirnie Rd roundabout. 

The man who captured the dashcam footage, who only wanted to be known as Raj, said he had picked up a passenger for his taxi company and was driving to the airport when he spotted the astonishing scene on Friday morning.

"I don't know how he came to the roundabout," said Raj. 

"I don't know how he got a driving license."

He told Newshub once he saw the car backing around the roundabout he couldn't stop laughing, and that other cars had to grind to a halt.

"We all stopped, watching what he's gonna do.

"I thought, maybe he doesn't know how to drive in Wellington, (or) how to use the roundabout."

He believed the driver was a young man. 

"He was young, very young, around 20 to 25."

Raj added, that if someone has passed their driving test, they should know how to drive around a roundabout.

"It doesn't matter if you're a tourist or a student, you're given one year to learn how to drive in New Zealand."

The video has had a mixed response. 

Many have found the behaviour amusing, commenting "hahaha" or laughing emojis. 

Others were shocked by the atrocious driving.

"How does one even enter the roundabout going the wrong way? Old? Blind? Foreign and not aware of the rode code? Either way, probably shouldn't be driving."