Girl Guides can now earn badges on their tablets

girl with tablet
Anyone hoping to sign up can do so from Monday. Photo credit: Getty

Girl Guides is taking a step into the digital world by offering online memberships to its youngest participants.

Explore Pippins allows five- and six-year-olds to earn badges through devices instead of attending traditional meetings. 

GirlGuiding NZ development manager Sophie Harland says it's a trailblazing development similar to the usual programme.

"Every 90 days she gets new activities and is able to complete new badges, interact in online platforms."

Anyone hoping to sign up can do so from Monday. 

Harland says it's all done through under parental supervision.

"Some of the activities do require parental help - it's a really lovely way for parents to engage with their girls and learn some new things with them."

Harland says it's a world-first for Girl Guides, and will be rolled out progressively to different age groups in the organisation.

"June of this year we're going to release an option for Brownies, and then in 2021 Guides, then in 2022, Rangers." 

Brownies are aged seven to nine, Guides from nine to 12, and Rangers up to 17.

Girl Guides stopped selling their iconic biscuits in early 2019 to free up volunteers' time, but they made a comeback later in the year on Countdown, SuperValue and Fresh Choice supermarket shelves.