More smoke from Australia's fires will blanket New Zealand

New Zealand will be blanketed in smoke from Australia's bushfires again next week.

Hot air building between New Zealand and Australia will cause the smoke to drift over the Tasman Sea to cover the North Island. 

Based on current fire data, it's likely the smoke will not be as thick or as dramatic as it was in early January when Auckland's skies were turned post-apocalyptic yellow from heavy smoke.

The North Island will likely bear the brunt of the smoke, but some wind flows could see South Island skies impacted too.

On Tuesday, photos sent to showed smoke altering the colour of the sky in Queenstown and Wanaka. estimates due to northwesterly flows moving from Australia, Kiwis can expect varying levels of smoke over the next week.

The smoke could cause blue skies to look paler, sunsets and sunrises more orange and there is also a chance of the haze affecting visibility in some areas.

The Australian bushfires have burnt through more than 10 million hectares of land, killed at least 31 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

While the bushfires are largely under control, Rural NSW fire maps show more than 60 fires are still burning between Brisbane and Melbourne. 

All the fires are listed as "advice" level - meaning there is no immediate danger.  


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