Traffic: Routes home to avoid this Auckland Anniversary evening

NZTA's holiday journeys map helps plan in advance.
NZTA's holiday journeys map helps plan in advance. Photo credit: Getty / NZTA

For those yet to make the journey home from their Auckland Anniversary weekend destination, a number of routes remain hindered by heavy traffic.

Holidaymakers in the upper North Island may experience some delays on Monday evening, according to predictions by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and its interactive holiday journeys map.

SH2 - Maramarua (East of SH1/SH2 Interchange)

SH2 running westbound through the Waikato locality of Maramarua is likely to experience busy traffic until 10pm on Monday, although the NZTA's estimates say the heaviest congestion was at midday.

Eastbound travellers are likely to have a clear ride through, however, with traffic set to be free-flowing all evening.

SH25A - South of Tairua

For those heading west on SH25A through the Coromandel town of Tairua, make sure to pack the snacks - it could be a long journey home.

NZTA predicts heavy traffic for most of Monday, the congestion easing slightly around 8pm. It's expected to remain busy until roughly 9pm.

SH1 - Takanini (South of Auckland)

Northbound motorists are likely to experience some congestion until roughly 9pm on Auckland's SH1, although southbound vehicles can expect an easy cruise home.

SH1 - Between Puhoi and Wellsford

For those heading southbound through Puhoi and Auckland's northernmost town Wellsford, there could be some extra cars slowing the ride home - but hopefully not by much. NZTA guesses the worst of the traffic will have passed by 8pm, but a build-up of stragglers could mean some delays are possible.

The times are predictions based on previous years' travel patterns at the busiest times and are subject to change based on weather and other factors, NZTA notes.