Hundreds dressed as fruit, veges expected in Wellington for world record attempt

Don't be alarmed if you see hundreds of people dressed as a fruit or vegetable along Wellington's waterfront on Sunday.

That's because organisers of the Round the Bays running event are hoping to set a new world record of a different kind - for the largest gathering of people dressed as fruit and vegetables.

Lisa Suk is one of the hundreds hoping to be a part of it. 

"I always wanted to be part of a world record and I think doing it by running as a chili pepper, that's great," she says.

Suk says the only reason she's running is for the chance to claim a world record.

"I don't know how I look, probably a bit stupid but hey that's cool."

She won't be alone, as organisers have already had interest from hundreds of people.

"It's a really fun way to get our message across which is the importance of minimising food waste," says event director John Grieve.

The attempt is open to all ages, whether they're running or not.

"My six-month-old daughter is going to be dressed up as an avocado," Grieve says.

The current record was set in Japan three years ago. To beat that record tomorrow, organisers need more than 888 people to turn up dressed as a fruit or a vegetable.

Recent attempts like in California last year have fallen just a few dozen short.

As for Sunday's attempt, Suk is committed to running the full 6.5km course as a chili.