Love Grace New Zealand: Handbag donations flooding in after successful launch

On Monday, The Project launched their nationwide campaign in partnership with Women's Refuge and the family of Grace Millane.

Millane really loved handbags and after her death, her family decided to channel their grief into a project they say she would have approved of.

The 'Love Grace' charity they set up allows people to give handbags full of essentials to Women's Refuge - taking a tragedy and turning it into something with a lasting positive impact.

It's only been just more than 48 hours since the handbag appeal was launched in New Zealand, and there have already been many offers of help.

"I think she'd [Grace] be proud of us," Millane's cousin Hannah O'Callaghan told The Project on Monday.

"I think she'd want to get involved… she'd probably have some ideas of her own."

Boxes of treats are rolling in from companies who want to help, and the country-wide MediaWorks family have been sharing photos of what's been dropped off so far.

"We do know these things aren't for us, but it's the loveliest feeling seeing you all collect these beautiful things, and to see them come flooding in for this cause," The Project co-host Kanoa Lloyd says.

Eight new drop-off locations were added overnight, so check here to see where your closest donation point is and how you can get involved.