Pak'nSave online scam taken down

Pak'nSave online scam taken down
Photo credit: Getty Images

An online scam has been removed from a fake Pak'nSave Facebook page.

The fake advertisement said Pak'nSave was giving away a $1000 voucher per household to celebrate 35 years in business.

"On this occasion, we are giving away [a] Pak'nSave free gift voucher to our daily visitors. So quickly click here... and get your voucher! Limited time offer!" the post read. 

Foodstuffs, which owns Pak'nSave, told Newshub if customers are unsure if competitions are real, they should not click on the link. 

"Don't click on anything that doesn't feel genuine," said Foodstuff's head of corporate affairs, Antoinette Laird.

Laird advised shoppers not to share personal information or passwords.

"We will never ask you for personal or bank account info."

She added if a site looks dodgy the potential scamming victim should report it to CERT NZ. 

A Facebook spokesperson told Newshub that the post has been removed as it violated its inauthentic behaviour policy.

"We don't allow people to misrepresent themselves or use fake accounts on the platform, and we take swift action to remove pages as soon as we become aware," said a spokesperson.