Property manager Ray White backtracks on 'disheartening' advert

A property manager has backtracked on an advert claiming it could charge $100 more in rent than a private landlord.

Ray White Morris and Co Property Management posted the advert to Facebook on Saturday saying it could charge the extra $100 due to "expert knowledge".

"This landlord was going to have to sell his rental property because it was no longer affordable with increases in costs," the advert said.

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Property manager Ray White backtracks on 'disheartening' advert
Photo credit: Facebook/Ray White

The Facebook post has since been deleted by Ray White.

"The post was removed because it was felt it didn't portray what had happened in the best terms," a spokesperson told Newshub.

Ray White says the reason the rent could be increased so much was because the landlord had been privately renting their property at below market rent.

"It was subsequently offered at market rent and a tenant secured very quickly," the spokesperson said.

A rental advocacy group says it is "disheartened but not surprised" at the advert.

Rob Whitaker, a spokesperson for Renters United, told Newshub it's in the interest of property managers and landlords to push rents as high as possible.

"These cost increases are rarely connected to any improvement on quality."