South Auckland real estate agent's Facebook page 'hacked' to post racist ad

The racist ad.
The racist ad. Photo credit: Facebook

Police are investigating after a racist rental advertisement claiming to be from a real estate agent was posted to a south Auckland Facebook group, saying "No Indians, no Māoris, no N****s".

The advertisement, for a house in Papakura, drew fury on social media on the South Auckland Buy and Sell Facebook group.

This was worsened after the person who posted the ad commented: "We don't want people who can't pay rent on time" and "We prefer white people as tenants", NZME reports.

But the real estate company the supposed agent works for says the ad came from a fake profile.

"It would seem that someone has created a bogus Facebook page for one of our employees... and they have used this as a means to send this post," it wrote on Facebook.

"We do not condone such behaviour in our office or of our employees nor do we subscribe to any type or form of racism that was in the wording of the post.

"We sincerely apologise to anyone that may have been offended by this and we would appreciate everyone's understanding as we try and get to the bottom of this."

There's been an outpouring of public support for the agent, with one saying it's "absolutely disgusting" someone has done this to her.

"I knew it was fake from the start, some people are just out for likes. Poor woman," one person commented.

"I do hope the pathetic, petty, nasty clown that did this to ruin a person reputation is caught, named and shamed!" another said.

"What a nasty, twisted mind the culprit has, to go to these lengths, to incite hatred with racism and discrimination."

Counties Manukau South Area Commander Inspector Dave Glossop told Newshub police are investigating.

"Police have received a report from a member of the public relating to their social media account being hacked, resulting in offensive comments being posted on their online profile," he said.

"The person has subsequently reported receiving numerous online threats as a result of the comments made, which is causing them considerable distress.

"Police are following up this matter with the individual concerned and we also want to warn the public that making online threats could be considered a criminal offence which may result in prosecution."