The Project NZ hosts 'take the blame' after Newshub doesn't make it to air

The Project hosts Paddy Gower and Jeremy Corbett have poked fun at the reasons why Newshub's 6pm bulletin didn't make it to air on Monday night.

Newshub's news broadcast did not play because of a network outage at the Flower St studio. Newshub at 4:30pm was aired instead and The Project was on earlier at 6:30pm.

"Did you think the problem could have been this thing? I unplugged it earlier," joked Corbett while staring down at an unplugged cord.

Gower interrupted his co-host, kidding he may have had something to do with the outage too.

"No, because I ripped this one out weeks ago, and we had been going for ages," he said, holding up a small plug.

"But then I pulled this one as well so we're all good," Gower added, while he laughed and held up an even bigger plug.

The Project shared similar issues to Newshub. The hosts had to ad-lib the half-an-hour show as they did not have an autocue to read off.

At the end of the program, Gower told Corbett to plug back in the cord.

"Plug that back in mate, let's get this place going again," he said.

The network is now back up and running (not because of Gower) and you can watch the stories from the 6pm news bulletin on Newshub Late.