Christchurch mosque attack: Mother of victim dances in driveway to celebrate gunman’s guilty plea

A Christchurch mosque shooting victim's mother danced in her driveway following the news gunman Brenton Tarrant had pleaded guilty.

The families of the victims couldn't be in the courtroom to see Tarrant plead on Thursday because of the COVID-19 lockdown, but that didn't stop Janna Ezat being the happiest she'd been in a year.

"This is the first time I dance since the 15th of March," she told Newshub "It's amazing. I'm smiling now rather than tearing."

Janna's son Hussein Al-Umari was killed by Brenton Tarrant. He was shot dead while fighting him off to save others. 

Janna believes she knows why Tarrant chose "lockdown day" to admit his crimes.

"To minimise our happiness and feeling, but no, although there is nobody in the street, I feel I own the street - I own the city," she said.

It was a relief also - for Temel Atacocugu - Tarrant shot him nine times. Now he wants him to get the longest lockdown ever.

"I would like [that] he is punished in New Zealand history, the highest punishment," Temel said.

Farid Ahmed's wife Husna was killed by Tarrant - and his forgiveness is famous.

"I have forgiven him, I love him, as I love each and every human being," said Farid.

Not commenting on what sentence he should get - instead Farid said he wants to meet up.

"I would like to see him in person when the chance comes."

Hamimah Tuyan's husband Zekeriya was the 51st victim -  he fought for his life for 48 days.

"This is another hurdle that we have crossed over another mini closure if I could put it that way and we're just looking forward to reaching the finishing line."

Al Noor Mosque is closed during the lockdown but its Imam Gamal Fouda sent his verdict via audio recording.

"It is a relief for me personally and for many in our community," he said. 

“For the families who lost their loved ones, we continue to stand with you and I hope today brought some relief to you."