Coronavirus: Police visit 41 travellers in self-isolation crackdown

New Zealand Police has randomly visited dozens of travellers to ensure they are complying with New Zealand's self-isolation protocol.

As of 1am on Monday, all those who enter the country from overseas are required to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.

Those travellers who do not comply with the protocol are liable for fines, detention or deportation.

The Ministry of Health requested police conduct compliance and welfare checks earlier in the week, and they completed 41 checks on Tuesday.

"The visits, which commenced yesterday, involved Police visually sighting the individuals and asking a series of questions relating to their wellbeing while self-isolating," a police statement to media said.

Three people who could not be reached are being sought by police, and more visits will be conducted soon, police say.

Overall, police say they are "pleased with the high level of compliance". Most people they have visited are "taking the isolation requirement seriously", they say.

Police who conduct the visits have been provided with advice about how to keep themselves safe.

This includes maintaining a safe distance, and carrying out standard risk assessment for each visit, police say.