New Zealanders mock Australians over toilet paper shortage

Kiwis are seeing the funny side of Australia's toilet paper shortage, sending mocking videos aimed at our trans-Tasman cousins.

The dearth of dunny paper down under has led to desperate scenes. On Saturday, a violent brawl broke out in a Sydney Woolworths over a single pack of toilet paper, prompting a callout and arrests by the local police.

In another incident, a 50-year-old man was tasered after assaulting a staff member and fellow customer in a dispute over toilet paper.

Woolworths, Coles and Aldi have all introduced buying limits after stores were stripped bare.

But here in New Zealand, our shelves are well-stocked with the precious commodity, much to Kiwi glee.

Videos posted to TikTok show head-height stacks of toilet paper in supermarkets.

"To all my Australian friends, New Zealand has got lots!" the caption reads.

"Australian people can't relate," another states.

New Zealand has a Purex factory in Kawerau, which has been operating since 1955.

"I would remind everybody that New Zealand actually produces toilet paper and there's no reason to get all excited because there's a whole place down in Kawerau that just does that. Like, pushing it all out," National MP Judith Collins said last week.