'Palagi Boi' shows off his fluent Samoan at Auckland market

Torrell Tafa and Jeremy Hawkins.
Torrell Tafa and Jeremy Hawkins. Photo credit: Youtube/Torrell Tafa

A "white guy" has surprised Aucklanders with his impressive fluency in Samoan.

Jeremy Hawkins - aka the Palagi Boi - visited the Otara markets where he talked with Samoan stallholders and customers in their native language.

Torrell Tafa from the Cougar Boys posted a video to his Youtube account of Hawkins speaking Samoan to anyone that would listen.

Most of his videos are pranking videos but this one is instead heartwarming.

One person he talked to is surprised at how fluent he is and he said he used to live in Mapusaga, American Samoa.

In the video, many of the stallholders laughed in surprise when they realise he is fluent in Samoan. For many, it brought smiles to their faces.

Near the end of the video Hawkins approached an older man and after finding out he is Tongan, Hawkins switched languages seamlessly.

Commenters on the video have praised Hawkins for putting in the effort to learn the languages.

One person said: "Mad respect for the gift to speak and engage with others in their native tongue. This just cracked me."

"BRO when he started speaking Tongan I was shoockkkketh" another said.

The video of Hawkins has now received 156,000 views.