Social media finding light in COVID-19 'doom'

As the number of COVID-19 coronavirus cases continue to rise, the world is increasingly looking for distractions from the overwhelming sense of unease.

While comedic relief isn't a new concept, the way humour is spreading globally on social media to lift spirits in a time of international distress is. 

Many people are taking to social media to make light of holiday cancellations, travel bans and self-isolation through memes, internet challenges and funny videos.

It might feel like the internet isn't taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously but social media experts say it's a comedic cure for all the doom and gloom.  

"There is this sort of innate desire to see that stuff because it does lighten the mood, it does help us laugh and that makes us feel better about a situation," Jess Moloney, Moloney Moloney CEO says.

But internet users around the world are not just making fun of not being able to go to the gym and having to work from home they're using social media to share important information too.

The World Health Organisation has set up its very own TikTok account to educate those on the platform about COVID-19.

Teachers in schools are also sharing child-friendly handwashing science experiments.

In Canada "caremongering" Facebook groups have been set up where people are offering help to those in need.

Mental Health Foundation chief executive Shaun Robinson says looking out for others can help make people increase their positivity.

"Connecting with other people is one of the key things to keeping you buoyant to keeping you well."

And while the internet can help to keep up social connection as isolation restrictions increase, it's also normal to feel a bit anxious.

Robinson says: "use the net wisely and well...don't let it overwhelm you".