Christchurch man to run half-marathon every day for three weeks

A Christchurch man has come up with a novel way to beat lockdown boredom - but we warn you, you'll probably feel exhausted just hearing what he's done.

Three weeks ago avid runner Chris Moore set himself an eye-watering and knee-buckling challenge. After a week of going nowhere, he set himself the goal of running a half-marathon on every lockdown day left.

"I thought I'll do a half marathon which is 21km and do it 21 times in a row," he says.

Across, around and through Hagley  Park - ticking over 441 kilometres, the equivalent of running from Christchurch to Queenstown.

The exercise has been a way of helping with the stresses of the lockdown.

"I think even if it's a walk around the park it's back to basics," he says.

"I've stopped and said 'g'day' to people you never normally would. It's fantastic and it's a privilege, something we should carry on with."

Moore isn't alone. Walkers and runners Newshub spoke to say since lockdown they've included a lot more exercise into their day.

"I have walked far more in lockdown than I have normally," Christchurch resident Neville McNee says.

Gilbert Enoka is the All Blacks mental skills coach - he has tips tonight for people wondering how they can keep up the new routines when the lockdown ends.

"Sometimes you can do a simple activity like write a letter to yourself from your lockdown bubble," he says.

"You just tuck [that] away so that when normal does resume that you can open that letter when motivation wanes."

A good idea to help stay on track, but there's no pressure to keep up with Moore - 21 half-marathons deep.