Coronavirus: More motorists trying to flout lockdown rules turned around by police at checkpoints

Police say they're disappointed at a number of drivers breaking the lockdown rules during Easter. 

Officers are out in force this weekend targeting people trying to sneak to holiday hotspots. 

The road heading north out of Auckland was eerily quiet on Friday. Every driver through a checkpoint at Warkworth was stopped and questioned about their travels. 

"We have caught the occasional person heading away for a surf up north," said Sgt Andrew Wallace of the Waitemata Road Policing Unit. "Those people get turned around."

Police say most drivers across the country are listening to the government's plea to have an Easter at home, but there have been a few flouting the rules.

On Thursday, police pinged eight campervans at a checkpoint south of Murchison in the South Island's Tasman District.

"We can prosecute by way of summonsing them to court - so they can be arrested," Wallace said. 

Cars were also being stopped by police on Friday morning in Amberley, north of Christchurch. At least one driver was asked to go back home and the rest were reminded of the travel restrictions. 

"Stay home, save lives," said Canterbury Rural Area Commander Peter Cooper.


"This is not the time to go and check your bach - this is not the time to go for a drive in the sun during Easter."

It's not just the roads being monitored this Easter weekend - holiday hotspots are also being checked by police to make sure no one is where they shouldn't be.