Dunedin City councillor caught with pants down during Zoom meeting

The blunder.
The blunder. Photo credit: Zoom/YouTube/DCC

A Dunedin City councillor has explained his unintentional blunder being caught out with his pants down during a Zoom meeting.

After a break on Monday afternoon, former Labour Party member David Benson-Pope returned to a Dunedin City Council meeting in his home via Zoom. He donned a suit jacket on his top half but was unaware that his pants-less legs were being beamed out to the rest of the council meeting - and anyone else watching for that matter.

To make things even more bizarre, he could be seen holding a feather duster as he entered the room.

When Benson-Pope's blunder was called out, he explained he was wearing shorts.

"I think it’s probably appropriate to describe it as being caught with your pants down," he told the Otago Daily Times.

Luckily for Benson-Pope, he's not the first person to be caught out for showing more than they were meant to during a home broadcast and probably won't be the last in this COVID-19 world. Last week, Good Morning America reporter Will Reeve was accidentally caught wearing no pants on live TV.