Mark Richardson slams Government, says he'd do a better job as Prime Minister

Despite New Zealand's Government landing international praise throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Mark Richardson has lashed out saying he could do a better job as Prime Minister.

The AM Show sports reader was responding to revelations that New Zealand was voted on top of the world when it came to how well the Government has communicated during the pandemic.

Nearly 300 PR professionals from throughout the globe responded to a survey voting New Zealand top, Germany second, and Singapore third.

NZ has been praised internationally for its success at controlling the spread of the virus and much of that praise has also been heaped on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for her leadership during the crisis.

But Richardson wasn't so full of praise.

"I don't tend to see the international plaudits we're getting as a good news story," he said. "I just think that the selfish drive for international adulation is going to kill your business."

Asked by host Duncan Garner if Richardson thought he could be Prime Minister, he said, "Yeah, I mean, I could actually do a better job than this current lot.

"I might not actually stand in front of the media and smile and be nice, but I can guarantee you I'd run my team and have a better team."

Newsreader Amanda Gillies noted the survey put New Zealand well ahead of anyone else. NZ received 20 percent of the votes while second-placed Germany gained 16.9 percent.

"You give credit where credit's due," she said.