The tourist attractions offering deals to domestic travellers

Tourism operators are offering experiences at hugely discounted prices to get more Kiwis interested in travelling domestically.

The idea is all part of a plan to help with the transition from an international travel market to one that is solely dependent on domestic tourism.

The once-exclusive experience of filling the freezer with venison or hunting for a trophy could now be within reach for many Kiwis.

Jame Cagney from New Zealand Hunting Adventures says they are now offering heavily discounted rates.

"[We've] dropped by thousands," he says. "We recognise that the product that the New Zealand hunter is looking for is subtly different from our international clients."

The domestic market made up less than one percent of Cagney's guiding business, but now it's his sole focus. 

"Our international hunts are generally five to seven days, generally longer," he says.

"But we can tailor to the domestic market to an overnight trip, it can be a day hunt, an overnight experience for a meat hunt right up to a week-long hunt."

Other tourism operators are following suit with deals on everything from accommodation to top tourist attractions offering deals in a bid to get some cash coming in.

"Right now if you've never been in one of New Zealand's world-famous luxury lodges, take in one of those world-famous flights out of the Southern Alps or tired some of those other products that we've left to the overseas visitors now's the time to do it," says Tourism Industry Aotearoa CEO Chris Roberts.

But he has a warning for operators attracting customers with discounts.

"We can't go crazy on discounting a business, it still has to make money on its product or service so there are going to be some very special deals there for New Zealanders but as long as the business does still make some money on it."

Kiwi's able to live it up with adventures once deemed out of reach.