Growing pressure for Kiwis to use COVID-19 Tracer app amid new cases

New Zealanders are still being encouraged to download the NZ COVID Tracer app, but there are concerns those who have downloaded it aren't using it.

There's also growing pressure for businesses to be forced to use the tracing app after three new cases of coronavirus emerged in the last week.

The app allows users to keep a digital diary of places they've visited by scanning a QR code and so far more than half a million people have registered.

"We need people to continue to download the app and use it and I just encourage them and businesses to put the QR codes up," director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said.

But multiple Mt Eden store workers asked by Newshub said they have "never seen anyone use the QR code". 

A quick survey in the shopping village showed about 40 percent of businesses are using a QR code while 60 percent aren't. 

Currently, stores aren't required to use it and Dr Bloomfield says it isn't likely to change anytime soon.

"Let's see if in a few weeks time it might be that we would add a requirement in," he said. 

And customers may not be happy if it does become mandatory, with Greg Harford from Retail NZ saying "customers don't like being forced to do that".

"It's not really the place of shop workers to be trying to make people check-in and check out of a store. We've seen quite a bit of push back from customers on that."

But they may not get a choice if New Zealand gets a few more cases.