John Campbell drops F-bomb live on air

  • 14/06/2020

Broadcaster John Campbell accidentally dropped the F-bomb live on air on Sunday.

The veteran TV broadcaster was a guest on The Devlin Radio Show and was discussing the upcoming game at Eden Park between the Blues and The Hurricanes with host Martin Devlin. 

Campbell, a fervent Hurricanes fan, was enthusing about his team's chances. When the two men had finished Devlin wrapped up the segment, but then wanted Campbell to tell a story, so got him back on air. 

Campbell didn't realise it was live and was telling a story involving his father when he said: 

"My father, who wasn't very good at suppressing what he felt, decided to f**cking..." 

Devlin quickly intervened but not before Campbell followed up with "you can't tell that old bastard to shut the f**k up."

Devlin cut in again, telling Campbell they were live on air. 

"That's going to be three separate broadcasting complaints as well as that show on RNZ [Mediawatch]," Devlin said. 

Listen to the exchange above.