Massey shooting: Police urged to talk, look after one another following fatal shooting of Const Matthew Hunt in Auckland

Officers are being encouraged to look after one another as colleagues of Const Matthew Hunt suffer the pain of losing one of their own.

The close-knit team have been left reeling after Hunt, 28, was fatally shot while undertaking a routine traffic stop in Massey, west Auckland, on Friday.

NZ Police Association president Chris Cahill says it's natural for colleagues to "second-guess" their actions following a tragedy in the force. 

"You do get very close, but police officers also have this sense that it's their job to keep people safe. When you lose one of your own, you start to second-guess what you could have done differently, what might've been if something else had happened," he told Newshub.

"You just can't do that, it's not the way life is."

Cahill says hindsight can cause some "real issues" for those involved, but reiterated that officers are being offered support and are encouraged to talk about the trauma. 

"We're making sure those officers have the support and they understand they need to talk and they need to look after each other," he said.

"For other officers involved in doing the investigation, in some ways that can be easier because they can roll up their sleeves and get on and do something. 

"It can be very hard for those officers who have to just sit back and deal with the grief."

Constable Matthew Hunt.
Constable Matthew Hunt. Photo credit: Supplied

Police are hoping to have a presence at Hunt's funeral - a man who "loved being an officer", Cahill said. The family will decide whether they would like the police's support in arranging the service.

"The key is making sure that the family is fully involved and get to have what they want. It's important to give them time to understand the tragedy of the situation... once we know that, we will work with them to meet their wishes. Hopefully police are fully involved, but of course that's up to the family.

"Police staff want to be involved, they want to show their respect - as do many members of the public. We'll be looking for a venue that's most appropriate and making sure as many police staff as possible can attend - if that is what the family wishes."

Hunt will be remembered as an "incredible" man with a "wonderful personality" who loved his job. 

"Spending time with his colleagues today, you can feel the pain they are suffering," Cahill said. 

Another officer was seriously injured in Friday's shooting, as was a pedestrian who was hit by a vehicle as the suspect fled. 

A 24-year-old man has been charged with murder, attempted murder and driving dangerously causing injury, while a woman wanted in relation to the shooting has been taken into custody.

On Saturday, Auckland's Sky Tower turned bright blue in honour of the fallen officer.