Passenger thrown through windscreen in horror Auckland crash

Passenger thrown through windscreen in horror Auckland crash
Photo credit: Youtube/ Nathan's Nonsense

Police are investigating a shocking crash in south Auckland which put a passenger through a van's windscreen.

The incident occurred in Weymouth on Sunday evening after a car's driver drove on the wrong side of the road before attempting to cross the intersection at Weymouth Road and Mcleod Road.

CCTV captured the moment the car smashed into the side of a van, sending them crashing into the pavement and the van's passenger's head can be seen poking through the windscreen.

Two people were taken to hospital with injuries but they aren't believed to be serious.

The Counties Manukau Central Road Policing Team are investigating the incident and team leader Senior Sergeant Jono Chappell says the crash's outcome was extremely fortunate.

"The motorists involved are incredibly lucky to avoid critical injuries.

"It appears that a vehicle which was travelling on the wrong side of the road has struck another vehicle causing significant damage."

He says the video is a timely reminder for motorists to pay attention and "expect the unexpected".

He confirmed the passenger had gone through the windscreen.

"Although the investigation is ongoing, it appears this person was unrestrained and this reiterates the importance of always wearing your seatbelt, to reduce the risk of death or serious injury in a crash."