Christchurch gang member Liam Strickland jailed for 9 years after fatal hit-and-run

A Christchurch gang member has been sentenced to nine years and four months in prison after a fatal hit-and-run last year.

Liam Strickland was high on meth fleeing police in a stolen van on August 7 last year when he killed pedestrian Dean Amies.

Strickland continued to flee police as Amies lay dying, and was finally arrested after a nine-day police manhunt.

The 22-year-old was sentenced at the High Court in Christchurch on Monday.

"The defendant made no attempt to deviate or brake from the victim to avoid the collision," said Crown prosecutor Mark Zarifeh.

"It is difficult to imagine a worse case of motor vehicle manslaughter."

His lawyer Rupert Glover told the Court Strickland is sorry.

"He has told me in his sober state he is deeply regretful of what happened on the day," Glover said.

Justice Rob Osborne sentenced Strickland to 9 years and 4 months in prison

The victim's sister Carla Amies told the court her family are the ones with the life sentence.

"We have to live with it everyday, Deans kids have to live with it every day."

Strickland, who has a raft of previous driving convictions, begins his prison term tonight.