Harbour Bridge damage: Carmageddon engulfing Auckland

Carmageddon is engulfing Auckland as damage to the Harbour Bridge causes commuter chaos.

The bridge is operating at half capacity after it was damaged by a falling truck on Friday.

As rush hour hit on Monday almost all routes into the CBD were experiencing huge delays and heavy congestion could be seen on traffic cameras across the city. 

On top of this a crash on the Upper Harbour Highway , which connects the Northern and Northwestern motorways, caused further headaches.

While the crash has been cleared, delays are still slowing traffic and the New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA) is advising commuters to allow extra time.


Cars are bumper to bumper southbound on State Highway 1 by Esmonde Rd waiting to get on to the damaged bridge and vehicles are also queued on Northcote Rd.

Tristram Ave is blocked too and Onewa Road is starting to show signs of congestion. 

As an alternative for motorists trying to get to the city NZTA recommended commuters avoid the bridge all together and take the Western Ring Route - however this is being hit just as hard.

Google Maps shows swathes of red indicating traffic jams through Greenhithe on the North Shore through to Te Atatu in West Auckland. 

Commute times have more than tripled due to the damage on the bridge. According to the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) traffic dashboard, the usual 24 minute drive from Albany on the North Shore to Manukau in the south will take an hour and a half.

From Silverdale to the city would usually take 17 minutes - but thanks to the congestion it is currently taking an hour and 12 minutes.

A Newshub camera operator driving in to the city on the southern motorway said traffic was free-flowing at the usual peak morning time.

The NZTA is recommending any Aucklanders who can work from home should do so, and those who cannot should consider taking public transport rather than braving the bumper-to-bumper queues.

But even public transport is having issues with Fullers informing commuters that one of its ferries had broken down. 

The Auckland to Half Moon Bay service will be replaced by a taxi, a 7:35am notification from the service said. 

The Half Moon Bay to Auckland service scheduled at 8.15am will now be replaced by a bus.

"The pickup location will be outside the Pier 1 in Auckland City and Half Moon Bay Marina in Half Moon Bay.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience."